About us


Oxford is a community of parents who are dedicated, toughtful, kind and nutrining and who really care about the first school experience their children have.

We provide an experience that nurtures core values such as kindness, friendship and compassion.Creative opportunities in the classroom, garden and playground inspire young spirits. We bring together teachers, parents and children in a unique cooperative learning environment.

Why Choose Us

Well trained teachers, top of the line infrastructure, meals planned by a nutritionist and the security that every child deserves.

our objective

Kid Friendly Space

Attractive wall graphics, age appropriate toys, child-sized washrooms, child-safe furniture and portable naptime cots make our centres a secure place for your child.

Gloabal Curriculum

In early childhood education, our curriculum offers a fun learning journey that traverses physical activities, learning activities, Letterland as well as music and movement.

Safety and Hygiene

Dedicated housekeepers, class helpers, systematic cleanliness monitoring through the day, daily temperature check for everyone, We take safety measures seriously.

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